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What is myMISSION?

myMISSION is the WMU organization for young women through which they learn about missions and missionaries by participating in Bible study, prayer, the building of community, and engaging in hands-on missions projects.

Fundamentally, myMISSION is an avenue through which young women can 
explore their faith together and learn to live it out wherever they are. Through myMISSION, young women can learn about their world and missions. Most importantly, myMISSION calls young women to live fully in their circumstances, developing a missions lifestyle that engages the people around them.


Who is myMISSION for?

 Anyone can be a part! The college student, the young professional, the young mom, and the girl next door to you.


How does it work?

Small groups: Small groups can be created around common interests, lifestyles, or needs. These groups come together to share and learn together, as well
 as serve in the community. The primary resources to help guide missions learning and activities are Missions Mosaic and myMISSION Leader.

Individual involvement: myMISSION articles and materials are in the print magazine Missions Mosaic as well as offered online. Blogs, articles, and missions features are updated regularly, so a young woman can read and interact with others on her own time. She can comment on blogs and articles, as well as join us in conversation through Facebook.

Missions trips: Young women can come together to serve. Check the website for information on upcoming missions trips.

Missions projects: Young women are encouraged to participate in monthly missions projects. Hands-on participation is how we influence our world for Christ. Through myMISSION, young women not only grow in their faith but also in their impact for Christ in the community around them!


How do I start?

Starting anything can seem overwhelming! For information on getting started, download our starter pack.


What essential resources do I need?

Missions Mosaic

This monthly missions magazine is a must have for all women who desire to live a missional lifestyle. It speaks for four main areas of a woman’s life—community, life, world, and heart and soul.

myMISSION Guide for Leaders

How do I work with young women? What is my role? How is a myMISSION group structured? This comprehensive guide answers these questions and more. This detailed guide, assists leaders as they begin.

myMISSION Leader

Every small group leader needs one of these. This quarterly leader’s guide gives targeted ideas for creative monthly promotions, mission action projects for your group, and much more.

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