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Spirituality within our American culture is changing. The reality is more than 59 percent of young believers disconnect from the church either for an extended period of time or permanently after the age of 15. They’re not connecting to something within the organized church the same way the Boomer generation did—or maybe the church isn’t relating to them. It will take those within the church body to find ways to reach this generation.

One of the greatest ways to reach the Millennial generation is to offer ways for their faith and deeds to be connected. This it myMISSION.

Share the love of Christ through these missions opportunities.

Project Ideas | WMU Ministries

Project Ideas

Sewing Ministry Projects | Backpacks for Human Trafficking Victims | Mats for the Homeless | Prayer Quilt Ministry

WMU Ministries


Support fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world.


Help provide clean water all over the world.


Find out how to use your nursing skills missionally!


Give a hand up to those in your community.


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