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Through myMISSION, young women engage in Bible study, the building of community, and various missions projects. This organization is an avenue through which young women can explore their faith together and learn to live it out wherever they are. In addition, myMISSION encourages young women to learn about their world and missions. Because there are so many different stages of life for young adults, we offer resources for participants with different interests and life experiences. Be sure to check out these resources and studies. Most are downloads so you can purchase and begin your study right away.

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Identity: Who We Are in Jesus Refined: Being Remade in Christ  myStory: A Study on Our Relationship with God
myGod: A Study on the Attributes of God myMISSIONfulfilled On-the-Go Notebook myTopics: Faith and Doubt


myTopics: Adoption Connecting Events: The WOW Factor myConnections: Let’s Get Cooking


The World Around Us: Bridges to Connect with and Engage Ethnic Groups Global Opportunity: Reaching Internationals in America Confronting False Gods: Interfaith Witnessing


myMISSION Leader myMISSION Guide for Leaders  


Missions Mosaic fulfilled, v. 11 He Said What?!
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