Day 6 - Kelly and Brandi Parrish

Day 6 Week of Prayer

Fort Collins, Colorado

The beauty of the Rocky Mountains inspires awe and reverence, but few in northern Colorado know the Creator responsible for the majesty. Church planters Kelly and Brandi Parrish hope to introduce them.

“People in Colorado are highly connected to nature, but they don’t know Jesus,” said Kelly, who pastors Living Rock Church in Fort Collins, located about an hour north of Denver. Home to Colorado State University, Fort Collins is the fourth fastest-  growing community in Colorado. The tech industry draws workers from all over the United States and Asia. The people are highly educated, well off financially, and very independent.

“Tolerance is big,” said Kelly. “The mind-set is ‘You believe what you want to believe; I’ll believe what I want to believe.’ Rarely will people bring up God.”

Earning the opportunity to start that conversation takes months, sometimes years, and the Parrishes have to start with the basics. Many of those who visit Living Rock Church have never owned a Bible, much less read God’s Word, which is why every Sunday morning, the Parrishes put out Bibles for children, students, and adults. Kelly tells everyone to take one home as the church’s gift to them.

“Most of the people we are living life with right now, we gave them their first copy of the Word of God,” Brandi said. “They have no comprehension of it.”

Liz* is one of those people. As neighbors, Brandi and Liz often talked about the weather and their children, but everything changed when Brandi invited Liz to a women’s Bible study. After attending Bible study, Liz was full of questions and conviction. She also wanted to know more about the Bible, a book she had never encountered.

Receiving her own Bible led to Liz’s salvation, then her husband’s. The couple recently bought a new home in the neighborhood, and they had only one requirement—that the house have room to accommodate the Bible study that has outgrown every other home that has hosted it.

Though it has been fun to be part of stories like Liz’s, the work in Fort Collins is not easy.

“Church planting is the hardest thing we’ve ever done,” Brandi said. “But keeping our eyes on what God is doing is so important. Knowing and believing God has called us is critical.”

“It’s what we are called to do: love people, invest in them, plant the gospel, and hope that grows into life,” Kelly said.

Pray for Kelly and Brandi and their children, Zachary, Noah, Joshua, and AnnaFaith. Pray for their marriage and that God will give them quality family time together. Pray also for God’s protection over their children’s hearts.

Pray God will send more missionaries to northern Colorado. Leaders with vision for all areas of ministry are needed, Kelly said, as are mature believers who can disciple new believers.

*Name changed.


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