From Zero to 169

It seems we struggle to grow missions discipleship organizations. Getting people to participate in ongoing meetings is a challenge. Here is a very simple idea to go from zero to 169 participants in less than a year. Ask 12 friends to join you in starting an Adults on Mission ministry group to impact your community.

Purchase a Gifts of Hope Ministry Set and get started. If you have 13 people in your small group, everyone contributes about $10. For $125, you receive a Gifts of Hope Ministry Set to put in a high traffic area within your community such as the office of a lawyer, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, veterinary, a diagnostic testing center, food pantry, clothes closet, even an auto repair service shop or tire store waiting room. The possibilities are endless.

Each set comes with 12 devotional books, a display box, and a card inviting people to take a free book, suggestions on placing the box and devotional book reorder information. The Gifts of Hope Series has been especially popular and helpful to people in crisis. The topics include: peaceful living, hurting marriages, chronic illness, infertility, infant loss and others. These books offer hope to the person experiencing one of these difficult life challenges.

You can put a label on the back of the book explaining your group or church has donated the book. You may even want to give a team member or minister’s number in case an individual wants specific prayer or information about your church. Begin praying for someone to respond that your group may begin to disciple. Our desire is to offer lasting hope in Christ.

Make sure books in the set are restocked as they are used, and it will cost less than $1 per group member to replenish a book as needed. Think of the good this Gifts of Hope Ministry Set can do for people in need. To order your Gifts of Hope Ministry Set (product number N174127), go to or call us at 1-800-968-7301. 

How do you get to 169? Others will eagerly join if they are asked. After your initial group of 13 experiences both the power and the simplicity of this ministry, ask each to enlist 12 colleagues, family members and friends to begin their own ministry group and place 13 more Gifts of Hope Ministry Sets in the community. This is just one of many ways your missions group—whether Adults on Mission, Women on Mission or myMISSION—can share the love of Christ with others.

Pictured above: National WMU and WMU Foundation employees form a new Adults on Mission group. They will display this Gifts of Hope Ministry Set at a Birmingham area doctor’s office. Members of the group pictured left to right in the front row holding the box of devotional books include: Bridget Bell, Emily Swader; Middle row: David George, Carol Causey, Julie Walters, Kristy Carr, Cassie Padgett, Brian Allen; Back Row: David Long, Lynn Bailey, Roger Paterson, Mark Bethea and Sandy-Wisdom Martin. 

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