Develop: WMU Leadership Training

Develop is WMU’s online and on-demand leadership training! It is designed to help missions leaders (or soon-to-be leaders) equip their churches and missions groups to be radically involved in the mission of God. Go directly to our learning portal to get started on a Develop training course.

Develop courses are designed to:

  • Prepare you, the leader, with quality training for age-appropriate missions education.
  • Help you contribute to growth and effectiveness in your church, association, and state.
  • Equip you with cost-effective, easy-to-access, educationally sound courses that are available online 24/7 . . . available whenever you are!

Courses available as of April 2017 include:




WMU and Adults

Be sure to check back often as more courses will be available.

Learn more and enroll in these courses now on, WMU's new online leadership development site.

Check back here for updates. Additional courses will be coming soon!

Develop Q&A

Who should take Develop courses?
Develop courses are designed to provide foundational knowledge of WMU and specific information about leading various age-level organizations and ministries, or serving in a churchwide WMU leadership role. They will be particularly beneficial for new leaders who have been asked to lead an existing WMU organization or who are starting a new age-level organization or WMU in their church. Experienced leaders may find the basic courses such as “Leading Acteens” a good refresher but will benefit most from other courses that will be offered. Getting to Know CWJC and CMJC is an excellent introduction to this ministry for anyone considering become a site coordinator. 

What do I need to do to register for a course?
Go to, WMU's site for online leadership courses, to learn more about each course and to enroll.

What is the cost for Develop courses? 
Cost varies depending on the amount of interaction with a facilitator or mentor and the purpose of the course. Please check the course catalog for specific cost for each course. 

How long do I have to complete a Develop course online?
Each Develop course is a self-paced, 30-day course. You may work on each learning activity or assignment when it is most convenient for you for 30 days after you have registered for the class. Your registration day is considered 1 of the 30 days. You will be notified 2-3 days before the end of your 30-day course period and again when the 30 days has expired. If the 30 days expire before you have completed the coursework, you must register again and pay the registration fee to complete the course.

How much time should it take to complete a Develop course?  
Courses are designed to be completed in either a single session or in multiple, short sessions. The amount of time it takes to complete a course depends on the amount of reading, length of activities, and on how quickly a participant can move through the material. 

What technological equipment do I need in order to participate in Develop?
You will need a personal computer connected to the Internet through an Internet provider. Your computer will need an Internet browser, speakers, and a printer. We support all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE) 10. We also support IE 9, but we do not support IE 8 and below.   

Each course will have downloads you will need to print along with videos and PowerPoint presentations that will require audio capability. You may access the courses on your mobile devices but may find that completing the activities and assignments challenging on smaller devices.  

What materials do I need for each course?
Each course will include handouts and PDF files you can download or print that will provide the information you need to complete the course. 

Will my course have a facilitator?
Some Develop courses will have interaction with a facilitator. Facilitators will include national WMU staff. Some courses will be entirely self-directed. 

Will I receive a grade at the end of each course?
Each Develop course has been created for your personal and ministry development. If you complete and submit at least 85 percent of the assignments in the course, you will receive a "C" or "complete" at the end of the course. An unfinished course will be marked “I” for “incomplete.”

What is the benefit of taking more Develop courses?
As a missions leader in your church, we know you want to develop your leadership skills and knowledge so you can lead others to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God. Each Develop course will provide skill training and information that will help you accomplish this goal.  

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