Focus on WMU

All For You

Engage your church in missions discipleship by calling on them to Surrender, Sacrifice, and Serve!

Suggested Theme: All For You

Scripture Passage: Mark 8:31–38 (NIV)

Emphasis Watchword for 2015-2016: “Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me’ ” (Mark 8: 34 NIV).

Interpretation of the Theme:
What does it mean to be give ourselves fully to Christ?  In other words, how can we look at God and declare, "We desire to be All For You?"  During this next year, men, women, boys, and girls will learn three key aspects of discipleship:

  • surrender completely by denying self
  • sacrifice willingly by taking up their cross
  • serve intentionally by following Christ into their community, state, and world

As we are exploring these, age groups will be learn how others are living this out in missions and be guided to live these out through missions projects.

Focus on WMU has three objectives:

  • to present WMU as an organization used to accomplish its part of the church's work locally and globally;
  • to recognize the leaders and members of WMU (which includes all age-level organizations);
  • to express appreciation to the pastor, church staff, and leaders of WMU.

As you observe Focus on WMU here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Post the WMU Objectives. Display the objectives in a high-traffic area of your church. Seeing the objectives will be a good reminder for those already involved in missions and raise awareness of missions for those who are not currently involved. 
  • Show​ Emphasis resources to reinforce the concept of being All For You! Hang posters. Write individual notes. Use the WMU Year Book for a theme interpretation or to conduct a Bible study leadership retreat for the church. 
  • Host a party. Consider introducing the congregation to WorldCrafts, the fair-trade division of WMU, by hosting a party during your midweek service. For more information visit WorldCrafts
  • Meet a basic need. Launch a Pure Water, Pure Love project. Pure Water, Pure Love is a  ministry of WMU that provides missionaries with water filters and the people they serve with wells that offer clean water, free from disease-causing microorganisms. For project ideas, visit Pure Water, Pure Love.  
  • Make an Impact. What is small but can make a big impact? Answer: The children in your church! Children's Ministry Day provides the boys and girls in your church with the opportunity to make a big impact on your community for the glory of God.

(All for You clip art is also available. For additional ideas and details, be sure to check out the WMU Year Book 2015–2016.)

 Use music for worship:

"I Surrender All" (#433)
"Let Your Heart Be Broken" (#611, The Baptist Hymnal, 1991)
"Send Me, O Lord, Send Me" (#367)
"The Potter's Hand" (#441)
"The Servant Song" (#384)
"Wherever He Leads I'll Go" (#437)
"Yes, Lord, Yes" (#445)
"No Turning Back" (as recorded by Chris Tomlin)
"One Pure and Holy Passion" (as recorded by Passion)
"I Surrender" (as recorded by Hillsong)
"White Flag" (as recorded by Christ Tomlin)
"Lift My Life Up" (as recorded by Unspoken)

*Hymn numbers are from the Baptist Hymnal 2008, unless otherwise indicated.


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