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WMU Emphasis Program Cover 2016–2017 (English)
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WMU Emphasis Digital Landscape 2016–2017 (Spanish)

Items for your Leadership Retreat:

Get to Know You Activity - Bingo Icebreaker

How to play:

Give a sheet to each person, along with a pen. (See attachments at the below. Choose from 3 options.) Say, This is a way for us to get to know each other. Explain the rules:

Each person you talk to may sign your sheet only once. To win, you must get signatures to form 5 in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When I say “Go,” you will begin. 

When someone shouts “Bingo!” everyone will return to his or her seat. Each person will introduce himself or herself and name the person with the most unique signature recorded on his or her sheet. That person will introduce himself or herself and name the most unique signature recorded on his or her sheet as well. We will continue until all members of the leadership team have been introduced.

Bingo 1 | Bingo 2 | Bingo 3


Team-Building Activity - Architect/Builder 

You will need teams of 3. (It can work with teams of 4, but 3 is better.) Assign someone to be the architect, the builder, and the runner(s). Beforehand, you will need to build a structure out of Legos or Tinkertoys. Hide the structure in another room and provide each team with the exact materials from which you made your model. The teams will attempt to build an exact replica of your model. The architect is the only one who can see what you built. The builder is the only one allowed to see what the team is building. The runner receives instructions from the architect and relays them to the builder. Allow 20 minutes for teams to complete their structure. Ask team members to share their frustrations and victories that took place and discuss the importance of communication and teamwork to accomplish a task.

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