International Mission Study: Refugees

Each day, more than 28,000 people are forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. Christ followers want to get involved – to help and support refugees – but what can we do? International Mission Study: Refugees will help you understand and share with your church the challenges and the opportunities the global refugee crisis presents for missionaries and followers of Christ.

We pray this mission study will:

  • challenge you to examine your own attitudes about refugees to ensure that your thoughts and feelings are in line with God’s Word.
  • inspire you to share with your family, friends and faith community the truth of God’s love and grace and unshakable pursuit of the eternal souls of each refugee.
  • break your heart over the plight of the refugees, leading you to solemn prayer for every refugee and for an end to this crisis.
  • encourage you to get involved in giving and going into the world to become personally involved in caring for these, the least among us.

IMS 2018: Resources and Extras!

International Mission Study Promotion Kit: Refugees

Raise interest in your International Mission Study using these colorful posters and flyers. The detailed planning tips in this kit will guide you to create a learning experience that will mobilize your church to explore ways they can pray for and become involved with the international refugee crisis.

Pair this kit with a teaching guide to coordinate the study from start to finish!

W183103 • $13.99

Missions Traveler: Refugees

Discover how Christ’s unconditional love and grace is being shared with refugees. In Missions Traveler magazines students and adults learn how Christian workers are sharing the gospel with refugees around the world and how each of us can join in this effort.

W184121 • $2.99

International Mission Study Teaching Guide for Adults & Students

Lead adults and students in your church to learn how the gospel is reaching refugees. This in-depth and interactive study gives teachers everything you need to lead, including icebreakers, step-by-step planning tips, activity instructions and worksheets that coordinate with each section of Missions Traveler.

Check out the IMS Promotion Kit for even more unique ideas to foster participation.

W184120 • $5.99

International Mission Study Children’s Teaching Guide: Refugees

The current global refugee crisis is a humanitarian disaster. In the face of so much pain and suffering, how can you help children understand why this crisis has occurred? How will you encourage them to help? The stories, activities and eye-opening facts in this guide will provide children with an understanding of refugees and practical ways they can help.

W187102 • $13.99

International Mission Study Children’s Booklet: Refugees

Help children understand the refugee crisis and show them real ways they can help those all over the world who have been displaced from their homes. Give children this booklet, where they will find stories, activities and eye-opening facts to expand their view of refugees and the many problems they face.

W187102 • $3.99


Preschool Teachers will use activities and stories in the December unit in the December-January-February 2018 – 19 issue of Mission Friends Leader for their International Mission Study.

Seeking Refuge: A Refugee Simulation

Seeking Refuge: A Refugee Simulation provides participants a glimpse into some of the difficult decisions and struggles refugees face as they’re forced to leave behind their homes and entire way of life. Designed for students and adults, Seeking Refuge will guide participants to better understand refugees’ critical needs and how they can pray for and serve refugees around the world. This product includes everything you need to make your refugee simulation an experience participants won’t forget—from curriculum and learning materials to a promotion kit and a printable takeaway. Available as a digital download only.

E186104 • $49.99



Supplemental Materials for IMS Adult/Student Teaching Guide and Promotion Kit:

I​MS Children Downloads:



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