Project HELP



Project HELP is a WMU initiative designed to help the church address current social and moral issues.

The goals of Project HELP are

  • Raise awareness of social issues and
  • Mobilize the church to meet needs and share the gospel.

Since launching Project HELP in 1994, WMU has led the way in addressing social issues, including HIV/AIDS, racial injustice, and poverty.


Project HELP 2018-20 will focus on the Global Refugee Crisis.

God desires His children to pursue all people to develop relationships with Him. Use these resources to lead your church to join our Father in His unshakable pursuit of displaced people around the world.

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Project HELP: Refugees resources:


Refugees: Forced to Flee Bible Study and Teaching Guide

Study 12 accounts of refugees in the Old and New Testaments and delve into the biblical meaning of caring for those fleeing for their lives.



Engage: Refugees

Use Bible study, missionary stories and hands-on learning to teach students and adults how to engage with the refugee crisis. Includes content for a retreat.

Seeking Refuge: A Refugee Simulation

Seeking Refuge: A Refugee Simulation guides participants to live out the impossible choices refugees face as they leave behind their homes and entire ways of life.

Missions Traveler: Rohingya

The Rohingya are in desperate need. Learn how Christian workers are meeting their needs and introducing them to our Savior.

International Mission Study: Rohingya

Engage your entire church in this year's International Mission Study. With posters, Bible study, recipes, activities, and prayer prompts, this kit and the IMS teaching guides will enrich your your church's experience.



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