Pure Water, Pure Love Basics


The Goals of Pure Water, Pure Love

  • To supply missionaries with water filters that supply their families with clean water.
  • To provide clean water for people who are served by missionaries.
  • To supply missions teams with water filters they can use for short term missions trips.

Water Facts: The Need

  • Women and children collectively spend 200 million hours a day collecting water.
  • 844 million people live without access to clean water.
  • More people have a mobile phone than a toilet.
  • Every two minutes a child dies from a water related disease.
  • Each year, 1 million people die and more are affected by a water related disease.
    Water facts provided by water.org.

What do water filters and well projects cost?

The cost of a filter ranges from a $50 personal water bottle to a $250 home unit. The initial cost for a missionary family is $400 – $500. This provides the family with a home unit, travel-sized filters, and replacement filters.

The cost of a Well project is determined by the location and its needs. Well projects in the past have cost anywhere from $2000 – $20,000.

What kinds of filters do the missionaries receive?

The leadership of PWPL works with the medical staff at the International Mission Board to determine the best quality filters for missionaries.

Typically, missionaries receive a drip filter. With a drip filter, the missionaries can pour in dirty water, and the filter removes disease-carrying microorganisms. Missionaries can also receive filter pumps and water bottles that filter water while traveling. Tablets and chemical purifiers are also available for the missionaries.

How does Pure Water, Pure Love fund these projects?

PWPL works with churches, Christian organizations, and missionaries to provide clean drinking water through well drilling or water purification systems.

Information for Churches:

  • How much does my church need to donate? Your church’s contribution is combined with the contributions or other individuals, churches and organizations. There is no minimum amount. Visit wmu.com/supportpwpl to learn more.
  • Can we donate for use in a specific country? PWPL uses a grant process for well projects. We cannot know where the projects will be until the committee approves an application. PWPL partners with already established Christian organizations and individuals currently at work in an area. Any donations designated to specific areas cannot be used until a grant application comes from within that country.
  • Can we know which missionary or country receives the filter or well from our gift? Many missionaries who receive PWPL grants are in high-security areas. We cannot put them at risk by sharing specific names. We do have anonymous stories of well projects and filter recipients you can share with your church.
  • Can we apply for a PWPL grant for a missionary our church is partnering with? Yes! We love working through partnerships that already exist between local churches/organizations and global missions.

Who is Eligible for a PWPL filter or well project?

We provide grants to Christian organizations with a preference to Baptists. Preference is given to those who have partnerships with churches and associations.


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