Support Pure Water, Pure Love


So, how can you support Pure Water, Pure Love?



The most important way you can support PWPL is through prayer for this ministry. Pray that the ministry will continue to be able to provide grants for every missionary or community without access to clean water.

Pray that those who receive water filters will be able to share of the Living Water.

Pray that our Father’s name will be glorified and the name of Jesus will be made known to communities who receive wells.

Pray that lives are transformed by this ministry.



Donations to Pure Water, Pure Love are tax-deductible. You can make a personal gift, collect money from your church, your friends, or your family.

We have a host of ideas for raising donations through your church or organization.

Donations to Pure Water, Pure Love are tax=deductive. Send checks made payable to WMU, clearly marked for Pure Water, Pure Love to

c/o WMU
PO Box 830010
Birmingham, AL 35283-0010

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