The high priest stood up and said to him, “Don’t you have an answer to what these men are testifying against you? But Jesus kept silent. The high priest said to him, “I charge you under oath by the living God: Tell us if you are the Messiah, the Son of God.”

“You have said it,” Jesus told him. “But I tell you, in the future you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power and coming on the clouds of heaven.”
(Matthew 26:62—64, CSB)

It is so difficult to remain quiet in the face of scrutiny. Jesus’ accusers took glee in challenging Him to defend Himself against the litany of false accusations. They provoked Him and waited for His response. In the end, the Bible says, “Jesus kept silent.”

God knows the truth, and God knows us. Sometimes our silence and trust in Him speak louder than any defense we can offer.

Dear Father, as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, fear increases and our sense of control becomes more tenuous. In times like this people often displace their fear and anger by lashing out at others. Pastors and missionaries today are forced to make difficult and often misunderstood decisions. Many are being asked “Where’s your faith?” Please remind those who are discouraged that Jesus understands their pain and that you know their hearts and minds. Give them the self-restraint to remain silent and trust You. Give missionaries and pastors an overflowing measure of love for those around them—even those who are unlovable. Please help their families and friends speak words of support that will encourage and lift them. Help us all to remember our Savior who is seated at the right hand of Power interceding for us even now. Amen.

*Adapted from Prayer Patterns written by Brittany Conner for Missions Mosaic.


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