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PWPL well in Uganda

I was sitting on the ground in Uganda with several children, laughing and playing, when I noticed a group of older children carrying water they had collected from an open, dirty stream. For several years, I have worked with Pure Water, Pure Love and have heard the stories of water needs around the world. However, in that moment I was seeing the need firsthand. It was a picture that will be forever etched in my mind.

My trip to Uganda in September 2018 would lead to more than I realized. As I saw the need for water in the community of Busega, Uganda, I had the desire to see how Pure Water, Pure Love could partner with the (un)adopted program of Lifeline Children’s Services to provide clean water for not only the community surrounding King Jesus Church in Busega but also for other areas in which (un)adopted partners.

In 2019, Pure Water, Pure Love has had the privilege of providing funding for wells in Liberia and Uganda. This is what Josh Moody from (un)adopted shared about the impact these projects have had on those in Liberia and Uganda:

“As a result of the refurbished water system, the clean water available now in Bentol, Liberia, will be the catalyst of more work to follow! Since water has been restored to the compound and surrounding community, children from orphanages all around Monrovia can come and attend life skills camps there twice a year. Here they will learn vital life and job skills not normally taught in their orphanages. More importantly, they also get to hear the gospel and experience the love of Jesus!

“The PWPL grant for Uganda went to supply a water well on the property of King Jesus Church in the Busega community of Kampala! Previously, this community only had an open stream that was used for water collection.  The water was diseased as animals and children would stand in the murky brown water. Thankfully, because of the new well, KJC is now able to offer clean water to the entire community! This community is heavily Muslim, and Pastor Raphael says the water is being used as a tool to share the gospel with their Muslim neighbors. We are so thankful for the grants from Pure Water, Pure Love. These projects are changing lives and eternities for the glory of God!”

In September 2019, I traveled back to Uganda. The joy in my heart was great when I turned the corner onto the church property and saw the well completed and providing clean water for so many. Knowing that my sweet friends in that community had access to clean water brought me such happiness! But there is greater joy in knowing that as these physical needs are being met, they are learning about the Living Water, Jesus Christ, who brings eternal hope and more abundant life.

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By Lena Plunk, national WMU Ministry Consultant and PWPL Project Manager


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