You will indeed go out with joy and be peacefully guided; the mountains and the hills will break into singing before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.
(Isaiah 55:12, CSB)

Some people love to make people laugh, to see a frown turn into a smile. Such people bring laughter to silent hearts through unexpected jokes, silly stories, and making themselves comedic objects. Such people are usually welcomed into our lives. We desire to breathe lighter air and break out into smiles.

Throughout scripture God declares His desire to gladden the hearts of His children. However, God is not out to make us merely laugh but to give us true and lasting joy. He creates this joy, not with silly jokes or odd moments, but through showing love and enlarging hope.

When God called Isaiah to describe God’s restoration of the sinful, broken nation of Israel, He fashioned joy as one of the foundation stones of the recovery. He was so intent on creating joy, He determined even nature would break out in its own kind of laughter.

While we wait for the fullest expression of His joy to come, we can experience God’s unending joy now as we yield to His restoring work in us.

Dear Father, in this season we look out our windows and observe Your creation breaking out into new life. Today, as pastors and missionaries go about their work, please let them look up and look out. Let them see the greening of the trees, flowers peeking through the ground; the vivid blue of the spring sky. As they observe the beauty of Your world, please remind them of Your presence and Your love and Your promise of new life. Please restore their hearts and their minds and their spirits that they may go forth with joy and peace and hope to meet whatever challenges may lie ahead. May we all share Your love with another today. Amen.

*Adapted from Prayer Patterns written by Bob Adams for Missions Mosaic.

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