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Life is not always a bowl of cherries; sometimes it is the pits! This was a phrase a friend of mine posted on Facebook. When I first read it I chuckled, but there are times in our lives that seem like the pits . . . maybe times when we’ve taken our eyes off Jesus . . . or in my case, taken my eyes off the road.
My daughter, Jamie, and family were home from South Florida for a family wedding. Since my son and his family live here, having my entire family together is sospecial and brings such joy to me. I, like Peter, was walking on water . . . until I took my eyes off the road.
I had worked last Tuesday and my 6-year-old grandstinker had a baseball game right after work. My husband picked up Jamie and Irelynn and met me at the game. All of us were together. We had such fun—that is, until we were leaving. My almost 9-year-old grandstinker had practice at another field so Jamie, Irelynn, Jim, and I decided we would meet at a fast food place for a quick dinner. Jamie and baby Irelynn rode with Jim, and I was following behind in my car.
We were traveling on a fairly busy road when I noticed a home for sale where the grass was about waist high. I began to wonder . . . what was their story? Some might look at the house and ask, “Just how lazy can someone be?” However, I learned a long time ago that until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you cannot judge. I remember thinking: Was someone ill? Had a tragedy happened? Maybe it was a lost job?  I wondered perhaps if there was something I could possibly do to help. I remember looking to see if I could see a light on in the home when BAM! Airbags deployed all around me, a smoky substance fell from the now deflated airbags, a pain intensified in the center of my chest, and Jim and Jamie were at my door encouraging me to get out of the car.
Peter was walking on the water, but when he took his eyes off Jesus, he began to sink and needed rescuing. I had taken my eyes off the road and needed rescuing as well. I didn’t see it coming. Jim and other cars had stopped to allow someone to turn into their driveway a few cars ahead, but I did not. I hit my husband’s truck (with Jamie and 8-month old, Irelynn, inside) and they were pushed into the truck in front of them. I’m sooooo thankful no one was injured but me.
Taking my eyes off of the road led to a terrible accident, a totaled car, two damaged trucks, a traffic jam, inconvenience to have a vehicle repaired when you were just going about your day, concerned extended family, a trip to the hospital for me with a fractured sternum (breast bone), missed days at work, patients having to be rescheduled after having an appointment for six months, and on and on.
Losing sight of where you are going is dangerous! As we draw closer to our time together in Birmingham, let’s keep our eyes focused on Jesus, who has never lost sight of where He is leading us. Let’s pursue Him with everything in us as we are On the Journey.

Linda Cooper, WMU President


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