Praying for PWPL Communities

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the globe, we are hearing many stories of the ways God is at work. We are also learning about ways in which we as believers can pray. During this time, take a moment and pray for those who have received funding through Pure Water, Pure Love. 

  • Pray for water projects in process to be completed in a timely manner. 
  • Pray for communities where the primary access to clean water is through a community water source. Pray for those in these communities to stay healthy when social distancing may not be an option. 
  • Pray for believers in these communities to have opportunities to share about the Living Water, Jesus Christ. 
  • Pray for those in these communities who have been infected with COVID-19 to see the healing power of God in their circumstances. 
  • Pray for churches in these communities to find ways to worship together, despite the lack of technology. 
  • Pray for communities where water projects have been postponed because of the lack of access to needed supplies or the availability of workers to complete the project. 
  • Pray for communities around the world that are dealing with COVID-19 while there is no access to clean water. Pray that God will provide healing despite the lack of adequate resources.

Written by Lena Plunk, national WMU 

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