WMU General Information

WMU’s organizations and ministries help every member of the church learn about missions and take part in missions. The six objectives of WMU are at the heart of missions education.

WMU objectives

  • Pray for missions.
  • Take part in mission action and witnessing.
  • Learn about missions.
  • Support missions.
  • Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle.
  • Take part in the work of the church and the Southern Baptist denomination.

WMU’s organizations teach adults, teenagers, children, and preschoolers about the work of missionaries. They also provide opportunities to participate in missions projects and to develop a missions lifestyle. Ask for information about getting started.

WMU’s ministries provide even more opportunities to take part in missions!

Every church is different. Learn about possible ways to have WMU in your church. Then choose the ways that fit your church best right now.

Some churches begin with one children’s organization. Some begin with an adult organization. Others begin with activities, events, or projects for the entire church. Start where you are, then grow!

What can WMU do for my church?

As your church puts into practice the six objectives of WMU, this is what happens:

  • WMU helps your church be a place where people can hear and understand God’s call.
  • WMU helps your church be a place where people can find encouragement and support as they answer that call.
  • WMU helps your church recognize people of other cultures and languages as people whom God loves.
  • Churches with WMU are more likely to have members who are more active in all areas of church missions and ministry.*
  • WMU leads people to experience missions personally through mission action and witness.
  • WMU develops leaders for missions efforts among all age groups.
  • WMU begins at the birth of a child, teaching him or her about God’s great love for all people.
  • The activities of people involved in WMU help a church fulfill its mission.
  • WMU helps a church stay focused on the Great Commission Jesus gave His followers.
  • WMU opens a window to the world.

*2008 Annual Church Profile, Southern Baptist Convention

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