All for You—Surrender, Sacrifice, Serve

Two tickets

Two little paper tickets are a reminder to me of the meaning of sacrificial giving. The 2 tickets were given to me several months ago by one of my Mission Friends. The tickets have the outline of a mouse printed on them, and these are tickets to play games at a kid-friendly pizza place. One night in Mission Friends not long after his birthday, one of our preschoolers reached into his pocket and brought out the tickets. As he handed the tickets to me, he told me that he wanted to give the tickets to me. This was right at the time when we collected money in our banks for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®. We were talking about the importance of giving. Through my conversation with him about the tickets, I realized that this was his gift of something of value to him. Though the tickets say, “No cash value,” they were of value to this preschooler. He was willing to give up something that he valued.

When Jesus spoke of denying ourselves and taking up our cross to follow Him (Mark 8:34), he was talking about the cost of being a follower of Christ. To take up our cross means that it is going to cost something to follow Him. What does it cost me and you to follow Christ? We may think of sacrifice as giving up something tangible that is of value to us. Sacrificial giving of our finances, our time, and our talents may be part of giving what we value to God. Sacrifice may also involve giving up something within our hearts. It might cost us our pride or our self-centeredness. We may need to give up criticism of our pastor, gossip about that family on our street, or complaining about things at our office. It might cost giving up what we want in our lives to accept what God wants for our lives. It means saying as Jesus did in Matthew 6:10, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

What are you willing to give to God? Ask Him to show you the areas of your life that you need to give to Him. Take a look at the things in your life that may be of no cash value, such as the attitudes of your heart. Give these to God and follow Him.

Prayer: Lord, Show me the areas of my life that I need to give over to You. Thank You for the sacrificial gift of Your Son for me. Help me to follow You in complete surrender, sacrifice, and service. Amen

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