Attention-Grabbing Group Time: Closing

group time

Think of the Group Time you had in Mission Friends® last week. You had a great way of introducing the mission story, kept the preschoolers engaged with your storytelling skills, and shared in Prayertime with your preschoolers. What happened after you said “Amen”? Keep your preschoolers engaged with a strong closing to your Group Time.

For each session in Mission Friends, the Group Time plans include a suggestion for a closing activity. The closing activities are designed to do one of the following purposes.

  • Review. The closing is a great time to review what preschoolers have learned in the session. At the end of the month, review what preschoolers learned about the missionaries throughout the month. This might be done by playing a guessing game, using an item from the Mission Friends Leader Kit, or matching pictures related to the missions area.

  • Use the Bible. Preschoolers learn more about the month’s Christian concept area as you use Bible thoughts during the closing activity. Open the Bible during a closing activity as you use the Bible thoughts. Preschoolers might choose colored Bible markers from the Bible for you to read. You might play a game in which a Bible thought is repeated, such as rolling a ball to each preschooler and then saying the Bible thought. Kindergartners could place in correct order index cards with the words to a Bible thought.

  • Reinforce a concept. Some of the closing activities reinforce what preschoolers heard in the story or activities of the session. This might be a way of restating information about the missionary, missions area, or Christian concept area. Pull items related to the story from a bag, sing a song, or play a game about the missions area.

  • Follow up. Use the closing activity to follow up on what preschoolers have learned. Find out what questions they might have and clear up any misconceptions. Show a picture from the Mission Friends Leader Picture Set and ask the questions included on the picture. Play music and when the music stops, preschoolers take turns telling one way they can be a helper. Toss a ball to each preschooler for them to tell one thing about the missionary. Storytelling 1-2-3 offers ideas to use puppets, drama, props, and other ways of enhancing and extending the story as follow up.

The closing activity highlights what preschoolers learned in your Mission Friends session. Follow the suggestions provided in Mission Friends Leader for a different closing activity each week, or repeat a closing activity that is a favorite of your preschoolers. The closing will strengthen your Group Time and make it attention-grabbing.

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