Caring for Families

Caring for families

As you teach preschoolers, you are in a unique position of showing care to families who have a child with special needs. You may have preschoolers with special needs in your class, and that gives you the opportunity to come to know the parents and the needs within the family. What are some ways that you can minister to a family with a special needs child?

  • Offer to run errands.
  • Take a cooked meal periodically.
  • Give an afternoon to play with the child.
  • Offer to provide cleaning or do their laundry.
  • Help the parents with the child’s birthday party.
  • Take their other children to practice (baseball, piano, etc.) during the week.
  • Ask about the child: How was his doctor’s appointment this week?
  • Ask about the parent: How are you doing?
  • Send a note of encouragement.
  • Take flowers to the parent, as they seldom get pampered themselves.
  • Offer to care for their child while parents go on a date.
  • Form a respite team with members from your church.
  • Listen.
  • Pray for the parents to have wisdom, to get needed rest, and to know God’s hand in their lives.
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