Connect the Dots


A friend has two sons who are 5 years apart in age. The boys’ grandfather marks their growth by putting a mark of their height on a door frame in his home, and labeling the marks with the child’s name and age. They recently noted that the younger son’s mark is higher than when the older son was at the same age. My friend is using that information to predict that the younger son is probably going to be taller than the older son once they are both grown up.

A similar connection can be made between growth in your Mission Friends® and greater missions discipleship within your church. Growth is not simply so you have more numbers to report, but so you will have more girls and boys who are growing in discipleship by learning about missions. As more preschoolers learn about missions, they will then respond to God by praying for missions, giving to missions, and doing missions.

What are some ways to grow Mission Friends?

  • Begin another group in your church. Use the guidelines in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders, ( pages 16 and 34, for the maximum number of preschoolers within each age group and the maximum ratio of preschoolers to teachers. You can begin a new group long before you meet the maximum group size. Most preschoolers function better within a smaller group.

  • Start a group of younger Mission Friends. If your church has Mission Friends for threes, fours, and fives, you might add a class for twos. Later you could start a class for babies and ones.

  • Add a group for kindergartners. Have a class just for this age as they are already learning to read, and can do more than the Threes and Fours. This is a transitional year, and you can make it special for your Kindergarten group as they learn about missions.

  • Is there a myMISSIONsm group or a weekday Bible study group in which your church provides care for preschoolers? Provide Mission Friends materials for teachers to start a Mission Friends group for the preschoolers.Partner with a church start in your area to help them begin Mission Friends. Offer to teach alongside them for a few weeks. Invite a Women on Mission® group in your church to commit to provide their Mission Friends curriculum materials for a year.

Look at how Mission Friends in your church is growing. A group that is growing means there is greater discipleship in missions learning, praying, giving, and doing.

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