Connect the Dots


Do you remember the dot-to-dot game? It consisted of a grid of dots in which you and at least one other person drew lines from one dot to another. When you connected the dots to make a square, you got to fill in the square with your initial. The thing about the game is that you cannot play it by yourself. It requires at least one other person to play.

In connecting the dots that more Mission Friends® groups means more missions discipleship, you can be a help to a Mission Friends group that is starting. Help them to know they do not have to do it by themselves! You could be a partner to help another church start Mission Friends. Is your church starting a new church plant? You could help them to have missions as part of their church from the beginning. Is there a church in your area that is interested in starting missions discipleship for their preschoolers? Check with your local Baptist association to find a church that you could partner with in starting Mission Friends. Is there a language church or an English as a second language program at a nearby church? Offer to help them start Mission Friends with their preschoolers.

Here are some simple things you can do to partner with a church in starting Mission Friends.

  • Serve as a prayer partner with a new leader in another church.

  • Use the Mission Friends starter pack as a resource in helping start the missions group.

  • Meet with their teachers to walk through the materials.

  • Offer to provide a year’s subscription for the Mission Friends materials.

  • Invite their leaders to come and observe your Mission Friends sessions.

  • Offer to teach with their leaders for a month.

  • Follow up after their sessions to ask what went well? What were the challenges?

  • Invite their leaders to attend a state or associational WMU training event with you.

  • Connect the church with your state or associational WMU preschool consultant who serves as a support.

  • Offer to provide the online Develop course, Leading Mission Friends, for a new leader.

  • Help new leaders look at their church schedule to decide the best time for their Mission Friends to meet.

  • Provide a copy of Mission Friends Guide for Leaders as their reference for planning and leading Mission Friends.

  • Help new leaders prepare their classroom space.

  • ŸShow the new leaders resources available on the Mission Friends website, such as the Mission Friends Plan Sheet, Attendance Chart, and podcast of the Mission Friends song in Free Downloads.

In the dot-to-dot game, you need a partner as you play. In starting Mission Friends, it helps to have a partner who will walk beside you in getting started. You could be the one to help connect the dots for growth in Mission Friends!

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