Decode the WMU Emphasis for Preschoolers: I Can Help Others

By All Means

From a young age, we want to involve preschoolers in helping others and sharing God’s love with others. Here are a few examples of Helping Others activities from different Mission Friends groups:

  • Packing items for personal hygiene kits for a missions team to give people in Nicaragua.

  • Making sandwiches to include in sack lunches for a ministry to homeless people.

  • Taking cookies to a local fire station to thank the firefighters for their work.

In the WMU emphasis, By All Means, we are encouraged to step into the world around us. We must make connections with others in order to share God’s love and His Word with them. For preschoolers, this means giving them opportunities to help others. Lead your preschoolers to know of ways they can help others around them. This could be as simple as being a helper by passing out the napkins at snack time. We can also lead preschoolers to be more intentional in serving others through the Helping Others activities we plan for them to become involved in.

Make it a goal for your Mission Friends to do a Helping Others activity each month. Look to the Meet the Missionaries pages in Mission Friends Leader for ideas of Helping Others activities. The book, Big Enough to Help Others, offers ideas for activities to help others in my church, my community, and around the world. First Steps in Missions also suggests Helping Others activities in each chapter. Choose an activity from these resources, or involve preschoolers in ministries of your church within your own community.

As preschoolers are involved in helping others, they begin to see that other people have needs. They have the experience of helping to meet others’ needs. We encourage them to share God’s love with others and to tell people about Jesus’ love. We set the stage for preschoolers to have a heart for others in the world around them.

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