Building Resilience within Preschoolers

resilient preschooler

When we think of a person as being resilient, we refer to the way he or she is able to regain strength after going through a stressful situation. The person is able to rebound emotionally when she experiences hardship in her life. Building resilience is a process that includes many different factors. Help preschoolers build resilience by focusing on 3 of these factors spelled out below.


Preschoolers who have connections with others are more likely to regain emotional strength. Make connections through your consistency as a preschool teacher at church. Take time to sit with preschoolers while they are doing activities so you can ask questions and carry on conversations. Give support to preschoolers by really listening to them. Foster connections with others by helping preschoolers to become friends with one another. Talk about being friends, and what it means to be a friend.


Preschoolers need guidance in developing coping strategies. They learn how to cope in difficult situations by looking at the ways adults around them cope. Preschoolers pick up on the ways we cope when something goes wrong. Consider the ways you react in your classroom when something does not go as planned. Model for them how to cope when there are challenges. Offer grace to preschoolers when they make mistakes, and help these to be learning situations. Use discipline as a way of teaching positive behavior rather than merely as punishment. Offer suggestions of behavior or actions that are more positive ways of coping. As you help preschoolers develop coping strategies, lead them to remember Bible thoughts that are reassuring, such as God cares for you (see 1 Peter 5:7). Read Always Remember to Pray with preschoolers, as talking to God in prayer is also reassuring to us when under stress.


Make your Mission Friends classroom a caring place. Preschoolers learn to care as they receive care from you as their teacher. Not only as you care for preschoolers physically, but also in the caring attitude that you display. In making a caring atmosphere, help preschoolers to see the needs of others. Lead your preschoolers in doing the Helping Others activities suggested for each month. Help preschoolers to know how they are meeting someone else’s needs and lead them to pray for the persons they are helping. As preschoolers learn to show care to others, compassion grows within their hearts.

As we lead preschoolers in connecting, coping, and caring, we set the stage to build resilience within preschoolers. Focus on guiding preschoolers in these ways even in seemingly low-stress situations, and they build resilience for times of deeper stress. We give preschoolers the avenues to be able to regain strength and become resilient.

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