Communicating with Parents

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Parents of preschoolers want to be involved and like to know what their preschooler is learning at church. Communication with parents is a key to involving them in their preschooler’s missions learning. Communicate with them about the missions area and missionaries for the month, the Helping Others activities, or extra volunteer help needed. Parents also like to hear what their child said or did in your Mission Friends® session. In today’s world, communication can come in many different ways.

  • At the beginning of each month, post on the church’s social media the missions area for that month in Mission Friends.

  • Send text messages to parents to give reminders, such as “This week in Mission Friends we’ll be making hot chocolate mix for several of our homebound senior adults. Remember to bring a coffee cup!”

  • Set up an email distribution list to send messages and reminders to parents of Mission Friends.

  • Place updates for parents on your church’s website. For an image, use the square graphic provided in Free Downloads.

  • After sending home a note to parents, follow up with a text message or reminder on social media.

  • Before you give Mission Friends at Home to parents, place a sticky note on each leaflet with an idea for using the leaflet at home. For example: “Place this on your refrigerator this month,” “Read about the missionary as part of your bedtime routine this month,” or “Keep this by your child’s car seat during the month.”

  • Mail a copy of Mission Friends at Home to a family whose preschooler has been absent from Mission Friends.

  • Make copies of “For Babies, Ones, and Twos” on the inside back cover of Mission Friends at Home. Place a copy in the diaper bag of each of your babies, ones, and twos.

  • Place a small bulletin board beside your classroom door to include notices, the allergy alert chart, and reminders to parents.

  • Use your church newsletter as a communication tool by including notices of upcoming activities in Mission Friends.

  • Make it a goal to give each parent a phone call once a quarter or once a month. The extra effort to connect with parents personally will make a big difference.

Use the communication tools available to you in making connections with parents. Communicate in many different ways so parents will see what their preschooler is learning through Mission Friends and how they can be a part of their preschooler’s missions experiences.

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