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Highlight Mission Friends® during the week of Focus on WMU, February 12–18, 2018, by concentrating on how your preschoolers have grown in missions. Use these ideas as starting points.

  • Share stories of ways missions learning has made an impact on preschoolers. Your church may have a time in a worship service for WMU leaders to share. Tell how your preschoolers have prayed for a missionary or share what they learned about missions through an activity in Mission Friends.

  • Write a brief paragraph for your church newsletter or website to tell about your preschoolers’ involvement in missions through a recent Helping Others activity. You could also share of ways your Mission Friends participated in giving to missions through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®.

  • Provide materials for your Mission Friends to make thank-you cards for your pastor and church staff.

  • Involve Mission Friends in Children’s Missions Day™ on February 17, 2018. Mission Friends can join the children’s missions groups in doing a ministry project for people in your community. The theme for Children’s Missions Day 2018 is Go Serve. Place the focus on doing something for others rather than collecting items. Make this a day to serve others and share Jesus’ love with others. Resources for ideas include the Mission: Hit the Road Promotion Pack  and Big Enough to Help Others. 

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