Make Jesus the Focus in Teaching Preschoolers

During VBS one year, one of the teachers taught in our church’s VBS in the morning and then taught children in VBS at a Spanish church in the evenings. She took her 10-year-old son to VBS at both churches. The evenings were a repeat of the activities he had done in the mornings. The daily stories that year focused on the life of Jesus. At mid-week, her son told her, “Mom, by the end of this week, we’re going to be all Jesus’d out!” His statement gave us a good laugh, but I do not think we could ever hear too much about Jesus.

Throughout August, we will focus on Jesus as the Christian concept area in Mission Friends. As preschoolers go about doing activities during the month, take opportunities to talk about Jesus. Teach preschoolers not just about the things He did, but how He cared for others. Point out ways the missionaries, Jamie and Andrea Thompson, try to be like Jesus by caring for others.

Concentrate on the following concepts as you talk with preschoolers during the sessions in August:

  • Jesus loves me.
  • Jesus loves all people.
  • Jesus helped people because he loved them.
  • I can be kind and help others like Jesus did.

As you talk with preschoolers, say Bible thoughts to help them learn about Jesus. Open the Bible and say the Bible thoughts during activities and Group Time.

These are a few of the Bible thoughts suggested for this month in Mission Friends Leader:

  • Jesus said, “I love you” (see John 15:9).
  • Jesus went about doing good (see Acts 10:38).
  • We want to tell people about Jesus (see Acts 4:20).

Use these other ways to help you focus on Jesus in Mission Friends during August.

  • Post teaching pictures of Jesus in the interest areas to use as conversation starters.
  • Use the poster from the Mission Friends Promotion Pack for the Christian concept area of Jesus. Place the poster on a bulletin board or in the Group Time area.
  • Point out to preschoolers the pictures of Jesus in a children’s Bible. Tell about the picture and how Jesus cared for others.
  • Read the book Good Things Jesus Did / Buenas cosas que Jesús hizo with preschoolers. Print the book to include in the Books area, or read it together on a tablet.
  • Sing songs about Jesus during Mission Friends. Sing those that are already familiar to your preschoolers, or songs from Sing to the Tune.

Place your focus this month on telling preschoolers about Jesus and His care for people. And don’t worry, I don’t think there is any way our preschoolers will be “Jesus’d out.”


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