Organizing for Mission Friends

Organizing for Mission Friends


Do you want a tool that will help make your planning for Mission Friends® easier? The Mission Friends Plan Sheet is your tool! Using the plan sheet helps you to plan the whole month at one time, and cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend in weekly planning.

Why Use the Plan Sheet?

  • Cuts down on time by planning for the month at one time.

  • Makes planning each week easier.

  • Gives you an overview of your month in Mission Friends.

  • Helps you see activities for each session in an at-a-glance view.

  • Helps to see the materials needed for the month. 


How Can the Plan Sheet Help Me?

  • Take some time before the month begins to read through each session for the month in Mission Friends Leader. (

  • To plan with a co-teacher, meet together or plan together over the phone.

  • As you read through a session, jot down the activities your Mission Friends will do in that session.

  • Fill in the activities you choose for each session of the month. As you choose activities, you will not fill in each square on the plan sheet. You might have three or four activities for a session.

  • List any materials needed for the activities. This helps you determine if you have enough craft sticks for Session 2, or if you need to collect empty water bottles for Session 3.

  • Keep your plan sheet inside your copy of Mission Friends Leader.

  • Glance over the plan sheet each week. Read the activities you have chosen from Mission Friends Leader to fine-tune your weekly plans.

  • Become familiar with conversation suggested, Bible thoughts to use, and ways the activities focus on missions or the Christian concept areas. 


Where Do I Find the Plan Sheet?


Want More?

  • Other tools for organizing your Mission Friends are available in Free Downloads here on the Mission Friends website. Check it out for an enrollment form, attendance chart, allergy alert chart, and more.

  • Find more helps in planning and leading Mission Friends through the online Develop course, Leading Mission Friends, at

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