Organizing for Mission Friends — Learning Styles

Learning styles

Preschoolers learn in many different ways. Let’s take a look at four different learning styles and how to choose activities based on these learning styles. Preschoolers usually show a preference to one of these learning styles, even as they learn through a combination of the styles. Think of the preschoolers in your Mission Friends group and consider what learning style each preschooler tends to favor. This will help you choose activities so your preschoolers will learn in the best ways for them.

Visual Learners: Learn through seeing objects and pictures.


Auditory Learners: Learn through hearing.

  • Choose these activities:

  • Play musical instruments

  • Listen to a story

  • Make a recording

  • Sing a movement song


Tactile Learners: Learn through touching objects

  • Choose these activities:

  • Finger painting

  • Play dough

  • Touch nature items

  • Supplemental items with blocks, such as twigs, tubes, fabric, etc.


Kinesthetic Learners: Learn through movement

  • Choose these activities:

  • Act out a story

  • Play an active game

  • Wave scarves while singing

  • Dress up in clothes or costumes


As you plan your Mission Friends sessions, keep the four learning styles in mind. To go more in depth about these learning styles, we encourage you to take the Develop course, How Preschoolers Learn. Visit for information about the course. A good rule of thumb in planning classroom activities is to provide activities for a variety of learning styles within each session. Make the most of the activities you choose by focusing on your preschoolers’ learning styles.

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