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Have you ever moved to a place where you did not know anyone? I have had the experience of moving to a new place where I did not know anyone, and finding my way around was hard enough. I already knew the language, used the same currency, and was familiar with the grocery store chains. When I think of refugees with all of the changes and transitions they have to make when they go to a new country, it must be overwhelming for them. Then add to this the trauma they went through that caused them to leave their country. The physical and emotional needs are great. As you become aware of the needs of refugees, let this lead you to pray for refugees and for those who serve in helping refugees.


Ways to Pray for Refugees

Pray for

  • refugees to feel safe in their new country.

  • housing to be available for refugee families. Pray as they search for housing.

  • refugees who are seeking employment. Pray for them as they fill out job applications and interview for positions, often with limited language acquisition.

  • those who must seek further job training.

  • refugees who are learning a new language.

  • those who are dealing with fear and trauma.

  • refugee children as they enroll in school. Pray for children to adjust, learn, and make friends.

  • refugees who live in refugee camps overseas, some for many years.

  • refugees overseas who are going through the vetting process for resettlement.

  • refugees to hear the good news of Christ.

  • refugees to have the peace that comes through knowing Christ.


Ways to Pray for Those Who Help Refugees

Pray for

  • caring Christians to share Christ as they help refugees with other needs.

  • special workers overseas who work in refugee camps.

  • missionaries and volunteers who serve in ministries to refugees within North America.

  • English as second language teachers in schools and churches.

  • organizations that work with refugees.

  • employers to provide meaningful work to refugees.

  • school teachers who have refugee children in their classes.

  • after-school programs that work with refugee children as they tutor and help with homework.

  • churches to reach out to refugees and share Christ’s love.


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