Project HELP: Refugees


Vivian’s Mission Friends made a giant card and filled snack bags to give the teachers and aids who teach in the English as a Learned Language department at the high school across the street from their church. Vivian wrote Thank you on the front of the card. Beforehand, she printed from her computer the words Thank you in different languages in large font size, and the preschoolers glued these collage style inside the card. They decorated the card with stickers and drawings. Vivian delivered the card and snack bags to the teachers the next day. What a treat and encouragement this must have been to these teachers!

For Project HELP: Refugees, give a little bit of creative thinking to the ways you can involve your preschoolers in this issue. Preschoolers love to be helpers, and you can involve them in activities to help refugees in your area. If you live in or near a city that is a designated refugee resettlement center, there are more than likely ministries that reach out to refugees. Find out the needs, and think of ways your preschoolers will be able to help others. Even if your location is outside of a refugee resettlement area, there may be refugees who have come to your area to begin building their lives. You can also look for ministries to internationals, and seek to help those who have come to your area from other countries. It might be likely that some of the international people have refugee status. The important thing for your preschoolers to know is that they are helping persons who have moved from other countries, and we can show Jesus’ love to them.

Check these different avenues to find local ministries to refugees and possible ways to help.

  • Contact your state WMU or Baptist convention office for possible international partnerships.

  • Check with your Baptist association office to ask about local ministries to refugees.

  • Contact the local school system. They may have a family resource center or offer English as a second language classes.

  • Get in touch with a campus ministry at a local college or university to find ways to help international students.

  • Find ways to help an English as a second language class if your church or another local church offers this ministry.


The following ideas will get you started in thinking of ways to involve preschoolers in helping.

  • Make an art basket for a refugee ministry to use with children as a way of letting children express themselves. Include items such as markers, colored pencils, watercolor paints, crayons, and sketch pads.

  • Provide baby items needed such as diapers and wipes.

  • Give items that children might need for school such as school supplies, or items for home such as blankets or stuffed animals.

  • Provide Bibles for a local ministry to use.

  • Decorate bookmarks or cards to give to people served by the ministry or agency.

  • Make word cards to be used in an English as a second language class. Preschoolers can cut pictures of everyday objects from magazines and glue each picture onto a 4-by-6-inch index card.

  • Provide nonperishable food items to a feeding ministry.

  • Collect items needed such as socks or dish towels.

Be sure to lead preschoolers to pray for the people whom they help. Guide preschoolers to know that we can be friends with everyone and help others in need. As you involve preschoolers in helping refugees, lead your preschoolers to know that God loves and cares for each person.

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