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Start something new with the International Mission Study for preschoolers. This year the study focuses on the missions area of Russia and coordinates with the December unit on Russia in Mission Friends®. Some churches have the International Mission Study as a churchwide event in which each age level participates in the study at one time. Other ways to offer the study for preschoolers include:

  • During worship care for preschoolers.

  • During a weekday Bible study for adults at church.

  • During a church missions fair.

  • During a special Parents’ Night Out event at your church.

  • As a partnership with other churches in your association.

The International Mission Study is a wonderful time to immerse preschoolers in sensory experiences to learn about Russia. Decorate the room beforehand with items to help them learn about the people and cultures of Russia. Use the reproducible Matryoshkas, or Russian nesting dolls, from First Steps in Missions, vol. 23, page 34, as decorations to drop down from the ceiling on strings or place on a bulletin board. Drape Russian scarves on shelves. Post pictures of Russian scenery, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral with its onion domes. Listen to Russian folk music. Plan learning activities from the International Mission Study 2017 Preschool Teaching Guide: Russia to involve preschoolers in hands-on learning about missions work in Russia. Use the suggestions for a Russian snack and games. Gather the preschoolers together for Group Time to tell the mission stories from the teaching guide. Have a time of prayer with preschoolers for the special workers, Nolan and Kimberly Grogan.*

This fun learning experience through the International Mission Study will expand the learning that takes place in Mission Friends each week. Preschoolers who do not attend Mission Friends may take part in the International Mission Study, and this gives them a taste of missions learning. Be sure to give these families invitations to Mission Friends so their preschoolers can grow in missions awareness and involvement. The International Mission Study this year is a great way for preschoolers to learn about the sights and sounds of Russia and how the special workers reach out to Russians to share God’s love.

*Names changed

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