Start Something New

Preschool classroom

Think about having Mission Friends® in a new way! Does your church have a day care center, part-day preschool weekday program, or Mom’s Morning Out? Mission Friends is excellent in these settings, also. This is a way to connect preschoolers and missions learning in new ways. Talk with the director and teachers of the program. Show them the materials and resources for Mission Friends. Brainstorm together about ways to incorporate missions discipleship into their curriculum plans. The options below will give you some ideas for missions learning within a church weekday child care setting.

  • Have Mission Friends one day a week. Use the session plans in Mission Friends Leader for each weekly session. A day care center in Alabama does this with their 4-year-old classes. They have Mission Friends each Thursday morning, and use a session in Mission Friends Leader each week.

  • Use a teaching unit from Mission Friends Leader for a week in each month. The session plans can be used to focus on the missionary, missions area, and Christian concept area each day of the week. Teachers can find supplemental activities on the Extra Activities pages at the end of each unit in Mission Friends Leader, and also in First Steps in Missions, vol. 23.

  • Start a storytelling time with preschoolers at the day care center. At a church in Arizona, church members volunteer for a storytelling time each week in the church’s day care center. They use the mission story and other Group Time activities suggested in Mission Friends Leader.

  • The classes in the day care center could work together to do Helping Others activities suggested in Mission Friends Leader. This is also a good way for the center to involve parents by inviting them to participate in Helping Others activities with their preschoolers.

  • Give Mission Friends at Home to let parents know what their preschoolers are learning about God’s love for people around the world.

  • Use storybooks that are focused on the missions concepts of praying for missions, doing missions, and giving to missions. The church or a Women on Mission group might consider giving copies of Always Remember to Pray; I Can Give; and I Can Do It! to each day care class.

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