Start Something New

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Many families that homeschool their older children also have preschoolers in their household. Start something new by giving suggestions to parents who homeschool of ways to encourage missions learning.

Homeschoolers can use Mission Friends Leader as a resource for missions learning activities in the home. One way of using the materials is to tell the mission story from Group Time at the beginning of the week, and then intersperse activities from the interest areas for that session throughout the week. As their preschoolers learn about the featured missionaries, the family can write messages or make cards to send to the missionaries using the contact information provided on the Meet the Missionaries page each month. The Helping Others activity suggestions could be instrumental in homeschoolers involving their family in serving others in their community.

Those who homeschool could use the Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures as visuals for their preschooler. The pictures can be placed in sheet protectors inside a report cover to use again and again. Items from the Resource Kit are useful for sorting or matching games.

The Missions Explorers activities are excellent as projects for homeschoolers. The parent can check out the suggestions each month, and lead their preschooler in a project that brings about ongoing learning over a period of time. The Missions Explorers activities also allow for the preschooler’s and family’s interests to direct the missions learning that takes place.

First Steps in Missions gives even more suggestions for activities that homeschoolers could use. The current issue can be used to enhance learning about the missions areas featured in the current year in Mission Friends. Previous issues are a resource for learning about missions areas of particular interest to the family.

Missions learning could happen in a new way as homeschoolers include missions as part of their learning experiences. Using missions learning activities from Mission Friends can help homeschoolers lead their preschoolers in knowing of God’s love for all people.

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