You’re Invited!

front of card

Spring is popping up, and it is a great time to invite preschoolers to Mission Friends. Make pop-up invitations to give during the spring months to families with preschoolers.

  • Give invitations to families who attend a church Easter egg hunt or other spring event at your church.

  • Place the invitations beside an open umbrella to display in the church welcome area.

  • Ask parents to give invitations to friends at their preschooler’s daycare center.

Invite card inside

To make the invitations:

Materials: blue and yellow cardstock or construction paper, scraps of orange and white paper, scissors, glue stick

  1. Print the template page. Cut out the raindrop shape to use as a template to cut 3 raindrops from scraps of white paper. Cut out a sun shape from orange paper.

  2. Cut out the words and invitation box from the template page.

  3. Fold the blue and yellow papers in half.

  4. Cut a straight line on the fold of the yellow paper, about 2 inches from the top of the fold. Make another cut an inch below the first cut. Invert the resulting tab to fold it inside the yellow paper.

  5. Nest the yellow paper inside the blue paper and glue together, keeping the tab free.

  6. Glue the raindrops and words “Rain or . . . ” on the front of the card. Glue the word “Shine!” and the invitation box on the inside of the card.

  7. Glue the sun shape on the left half of the inside tab to complete the pop-up card.

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