Ministering to Military Families

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You may be near a military base with many military personnel, have one military family in your church, or have a family with a member in the National Guard or Reserves. As a preschool leader in the church, this is an opportunity for you to serve these families in a special way. As they entrust their preschooler to you while at church, this may open doors for you to reach out to military families. There are also opportunities to minister to military families outside the church.


Each military family has its own strengths and needs. Use these ideas as possibilities for ministry to the needs of military families. Realize that these are ideas for ministry to any military family, not just to those with a family member who has PTSD. Following are ways to give care and support to all military families.

  • Commit to pray daily for the families. Send a note or message to let them know, so they can draw strength from knowing of your prayers.

  • For multiple families, set up a prayer plan among preschool teachers at church.

  • Listen with a heart of compassion.

  • Make care packages for families.

  • Make sets of Scripture cards that would provide encouragement to parents.

  • Give families a copy of Sometimes I Am Afraid  or Always Remember to Pray. Encourage parents to read these books to their preschooler or young child to assure their child that God is always with us.

  • Collect nonperishable food items to distribute to several military families.

  • Offer help with yardwork or maintenance on the family’s home.

  • Invite a family to join you for lunch or dinner.

  • Make Easter baskets or holiday treat bags for children in military families.

  • Take a meal to the families.

  • Collect pet food and supplies for families who have pets.

  • If a parent is deployed, offer to provide babysitting assistance for the parent left at home.

  • Create a care team of church members who will share in ministry to military families. Information on forming a care team can be found in Drawing Near: Understanding and Supporting Those with PTSD


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