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Missions Explorers

Project Learning

Preschoolers can do project learning. In Mission Friends project learning is what Missions Explorers is all about. It’s fun, and it’s easy. And it’s optional. Here are some things to remember when doing projects with young children:

Set up a special area in your classroom for project learning. Include necessary supplies and additional materials such as brochures, books, teaching pictures (many are on the Internet), and a box, pocket folder, or large envelope where preschoolers can keep their work.

Label supplies and keep them in separate boxes such as one for crayons, one for scissors, one for paper, etc.

As preschoolers investigate and learn more about their project, make a list of what they have learned on chart paper. Or have them draw what they have investigated and done on butcher paper. Preschoolers can draw or write about their findings.

Be sure to have a time for sharing what preschoolers have learned while working on their project(s). Invite parents and guests to attend the Project Presentation.

To learn more about Missions Explorers and project learning, read pages 19–20 in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders.

August 2017

Threes and Fours

How Children Can Serve at Church

Tell 3s and 4s that Mr. and Mrs. Cole have learned that teamwork is very important in their church. Ask preschoolers if they know what teamwork means. Share some concrete examples of why teamwork is important.

Mr. Cole says his church invites their children to be helpers. The children help at the church, and they help the church by inviting their friends.

Ask your preschoolers what they know about your church’s helpers. Ask them what they would like to learn about ways to help at church.

Look for books and online resources that will help preschoolers learn about opportunities to serve at church. Invite church helpers such as teachers, ministers, administrators, and maintenance workers to join your class and answer questions.

Invite preschoolers to think of ways that they can help at church. Ask them to record these ways on pages that you can bind to create a book.

Invite preschoolers to think of a title for their book. After preschoolers are satisfied with each page, bind the book and place it in your church library or children’s library.

Challenge preschoolers’ families to lead their children find ways to be helpers.



On Mission Together

Share with kindergartners that all 5 of the Coles’ sons play sports. Three of the children play football and basketball. Their oldest son is a cross-country runner. The youngest son plays baseball and has chosen to focus on that one sport.

Playing sports offers the entire family natural opportunities for ministry. While Mr. and Mrs. Cole sit with parents during practice, they are able to tell people about God’s love and the way that His love has changed their lives.

Ask kindergartners to think about activities that their families do together. Tell them that this month, they’ll be exploring ways that their families can work together to help others and tell them about Jesus.

Each week, invite preschoolers to think about one thing that they do with their family. A few suggestions might be

  • Sports
  • Vacations
  • Shopping
  • Going to the park
  • Going to a restaurant
  • Watching a movie

Ask each preschooler to consider ways that their family could use these experiences to tell others about God’s love. What supplies would they need? What words would they need to remember? How would they choose whom to tell?

As preschoolers think of activities and ways to make them missional, lead them to create posters showing the activities and their suggestions.

To bring the unit to a close, invite your preschoolers’ families to join your class. Ask preschoolers to share ways their families can be missional through their usual activities. Ask each family to choose one way to be more missional.

Close with a prayer of commitment to telling others about God.

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