March 2020: Play and Learn

This month, your preschooler will learn about Missionary Mike Palmer, pastor of Salmon Valley Baptist Church in Salmon, Idaho. Pastor Palmer and his church have been instrumental in starting several Cowboy Churches.

Pastor Palmer is caregiver for his wife, who suffers from dementia. Please pray as a family for Mike Palmer as he ministers to his wife, pastors his church, and works with the pastors and cowboy churches of the Salmon area.

Here is an activity you can do with your preschooler. Consider making several flowers and visiting a local nursing home and give flowers to residents and caretakers.


Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. Cut several sheets of colorful tissue paper into 7-inch squares.
  2. Stack squares and fold, accordion style, into several folds.
  3. Secure center with a bread tie or floral wire fastener.
  4. Gently peel layers upward one at a time to form a flower.
  5. Give to someone to enjoy!

See Diagrams below if you need help. Download and print as needed

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