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Missions Explorers

Project Learning

Preschoolers can do project learning. In Mission Friends project learning is what Missions Explorers is all about. It’s fun, and it’s easy. And it’s optional. Here are some things to remember when doing projects with young children:

Set up a special area in your classroom for project learning. Include necessary supplies and additional materials such as brochures, books, teaching pictures (many are on the Internet), and a box, pocket folder, or large envelope where preschoolers can keep their work.

Label supplies and keep them in separate boxes such as one for crayons, one for scissors, one for paper, etc.

As preschoolers investigate and learn more about their project, make a list of what they have learned on chart paper. Or have them draw what they have investigated and done on butcher paper. Preschoolers can draw or write about their findings.

Be sure to have a time for sharing what preschoolers have learned while working on their project(s). Invite parents and guests to attend the Project Presentation.

To learn more about Missions Explorers and project learning, read pages 19–20 in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders.

September 2017

Threes and Fours

Inviting People to Church

Tell 3s and 4s that Travis and Stacy Kerns are missionaries in Utah. Mr. Kerns helps church planters. He and Mrs. Kerns want all people to know Jesus and to love him. They invite people to come to churches to learn more about Jesus.

Tell them that Mr. and Mrs. Kerns find fun ways to invite people to church. They say you can invite your neighbors for dinner and take them treats during the holidays. You can share food from your garden. Mrs. Kerns loves to bake, so she bakes bread, cookies, and cakes for their neighbors.

Ask preschoolers how they would invite someone to church. Challenge them to think of many different ways to invite a person to church.

Each week ask preschoolers to think of new ways to invite people to church and guide them to record their ideas by drawing pictures. Ask them to dictate the words for each picture and ask adult volunteers to scribe the words.

At the end of the unit, compile the pictures into book with a 3-ring binder. If possible, makes copies for each preschooler. Leave the book on a table in an area close to your preschool department. Title the book The Mission Friends Guide to Inviting People to Church.

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Supporting a Church Plant

Explain that Travis and Stacy are missionaries in Utah. Mr. Kerns helps church planters by connecting them with people who want to help. He talks to churches outside of Utah and tells them how they can help church planters. Many of these churches send missions teams to Utah to help church planters with Vacation Bible Schools, children’s camps, neighborhood cookouts, park parties, outdoor family movies, and block parties. Some missions teams hand out papers that tell about the church plant and explain how people can know Jesus. Other churches send money to help church plants.

Ask preschoolers what they know about church planters. Ask what they think church planters would need to start a new church. Ask them what they would like to know about ways to help church planters.

Each week provide resources that will help preschoolers learn more about church planters. Bring in books about communities and challenge preschoolers to think of ways a church plant could help its community. Then ask them to think of what the church would need in order to help its community. If your church supports a church plant or mission, invite church members who work with the plant to come and talk to preschoolers. Or, invite church planters to come and tell about their work.

Guide preschoolers to create a poster or infographic about what church planters need and how churches can support them. Ask your pastor to allow preschoolers to share what they have learned and to have a prayer for church planters as we all begin a new church year.

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