Talking to Parents

talking to parents

A preschooler’s parent might say to you, “Let me know what I can do to help.” Talk with this parent about being involved by giving a hand with Helping Others activities for preschoolers. We want preschoolers to have experiences in making things or doing things to share Jesus’ love with others. Planning and organizing Helping Others activities is a perfect way to involve a parent in helping in their preschooler’s activities at church.

  • Brainstorm with the parent about ideas for Helping Others activities. Many ideas abound for simple ways preschoolers can help others. Use resources such as Big Enough to Help Others, Mission Friends Leader, and First Steps in Missions to glean ideas.

  • Talk with the parent to decide how often to do a Helping Others activity, and the length of time involved. Some Helping Others activities can be completed in 1 session with preschoolers at church. Other activities, such as collecting items, might last through a month or a 3-month season.

  • If giving items to a local organization, such as a food pantry or homeless shelter, ask the parent to contact the organization to find what items are needed.

  • Let the parent help by writing a note to preschoolers’ parents of the Helping Others activity, any items to bring, and due dates for items.

  • The parent can gather any materials needed for the activity and lead in doing the activity with preschoolers.

  • Ask the parent to arrange to deliver items collected or made for others. If taking preschoolers to deliver items, ensure proper permission forms are secured to transport preschoolers away from the church.

  • Communicate your appreciation to the parent helper. Let her or him know how they helped the preschoolers grow in learning to share God’s love with others. Tell about something you heard a preschooler say while doing the activity. That is a great way of sharing the impact they have made on the lives of preschoolers.

You may have 1 of the parents to give a helping hand, or 2 or 3 different parents to help with different aspects of a Helping Others activity. Parents enjoy being involved with their preschoolers at church, and preschoolers need to see their parents in a role of giving help to others. This makes a perfect fit as a way to involve the parents of preschoolers.

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