Christmas in August: Preschool

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Your Mission Friends group can directly help a North American missionary with items needed for ministry and outreach. We have included and a list of missionaries and their requested items. Read more information on Christmas in August...

  1. Select one missionary from the list.
  2. Send home a note to parents to remind them to encourage their child to participate. List items the missionary requests. Remind parents that these are to be new items.
  3. Do not wrap the items. Send only the items requested because storage can be a problem.
  4. Include a self-addressed, stamped postcard or an email address for the missionary to acknowledge receipt of your gifts.
  5. If Mission Friends make cards for the missionary, remind them that, other than the postcard or an email, they may not hear from that person because correspondence is time consuming.

Missionaries for Christmas in August are chosen by the North American Mission Board, and the missionaries list the items they wish to receive. Today, stories abound from grateful missionaries who acknowledge that the impact of these gifts will perhaps not be known until eternity.

The missionaries expressed gratitude for your support when they sent their requests. They are excited about receiving these items.

2016 Missionaries

Graffiti 2 Ministries
PO Box 541559
Bronx, NY 10454
(347) 297-8059

  • Staples gift cards for office supplies, school supplies
  • Walmart gift cards for afterschool and summer programs, miscellaneous items
  • Lifeway gift cards for curriculum for church Bible studies
  • Amazon gift cards for afterschool and summer programs, miscellaneous items
  • JoAnn Fabric gift cards for fabric and sewing materials for the Graffiti 2 Works program
  • Hobby Lobby gift cards for fabric and sewing materials for the Graffiti 2 Works program
  • school supplies: new backpacks, composition notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, markers
  • hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, washcloths, shampoo, lotion

Note: We are very limited on space, so we prefer gift cards.

Graffiti 2 Community Ministries is a ministry and church in the South Bronx of New York City that works to revitalize, revive and revolutionize the Mott Haven neighborhood by meeting the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs of children, teens and families. In every community, there are risk factors that affect an individual’s outcomes. Research tells us that multiple risk factors have a cumulative effect on well-being. The Mott Haven neighborhood has many risks for well-being: economic conditions, nutrition, health, housing, safety, education, and environment. While working to minimize these risk factors through after-school, summer and educational programs for all ages, Graffiti 2 plants and nurtures seeds of the gospel.


Sally Horstmann
Christian Activity Center
PO BOX 2525
540 N. 6th Street
East St. Louis, IL  62201
(618) 874-5615

  • school uniforms (all sizes)—elementary school: white or light blue polo shirts, khaki pants; high school: shirts—black, gray, royal blue, orange; pants—black, navy blue, khaki
  • tennis shoes (all sizes)
  • Little Caesar’s gift cards
  • Shop and Save gift cards
  • Walgreens gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards

CAC is a place for children in East St. Louis to grow. We’re providing, at this time, 165 kids/day with hot meals, chaplaincy, trauma therapy, mentoring, personal trainers, coaches, and a nurse practitioner. Our commitment is to not miss any of God’s children here: physically, educationally, or spiritually.

Please pray with us for:

  • CAC staff to “refuel” themselves spiritually and physically to give each child the love he needs.
  • Adequate funding to care for kids thoroughly at CAC.
  • Leadership, Director and Board, to continue to have clarity and Christ’s heart for this place.
  • Adults/parents looking for work, that they will find meaningful work at a fair wage to provide for their families.
  • Sufficient and healthy food for all CAC children in their homes.
  • Protection for each CAC child at home, in school, and on the streets of our city.
  • That all kids in our care know Christ’s love and salvation and see this in CAC staff and volunteers.


Cynthia Martin
Safely Home Refugee Ministry
1482 E. University Ave.
Las Vegas, NV  89119
(702) 569-5750

  • gift cards to buy diapers for refugee babies
  • new underwear (any size, children and adults)
  • bath and dish towels
  • construction paper to use in ESL classes and children’s classes

No one chooses to become a refugee. A refugee is someone who has fled their homeland due to war or persecution. After spending many years in a refugee camp in a neighboring country some refugees are resettled to the United States. About 700 are resettled in Las Vegas every year from places like Bhutan, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, D.R. Congo, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Usually the refugees arrive in Las Vegas with only one or two bags with their most special belongings, like photos. They don’t arrive with much clothing. They can go to a thrift store to get new clothing here, but underwear is not something you can find at a thrift store and they don’t have money to buy new clothes. Usually the resettlement agency provides them with only one towel for each family member and no towels for the kitchen. Many families come with babies but the resettlement agency can only give them a few diapers at a time. One of the things Safely Home Refugee Ministry does is provide these things for them. Also, we teach them English and have Bible classes and crafts for the children and women.


Chris Watson
3195 Contra Loma Blvd
Antioch, CA 94509
(510) 658-4457

  • diapers (size 3 and 4)
  • wipes
  • socks
  • hygiene items (soap, shampoo, razor, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush)
  • gum, Tic Tacs, or Mentos for homeless care packets
  • towels and washcloths
  • Home Depot gift cards (to purchase supplies for repairs to homes of clients)
  • Safeway gift cards (to purchase holiday food)
  • Walmart gift cards (to purchase incidentals)

The Telegraph Ministry Center is a community outreach that seeks to show the love of Christ to the poor in our community by meeting the basic physical needs of those who struggle with living in the midst of poverty on a daily basis. We provide a hot breakfast five days a week, pantry food for families, services for recent refugees, entrepreneurial training/opportunities, and community involvement. Those we seek to minister to include single parents, senior citizens, the unemployed, under employed, immigrants, homeless, abused, and neglected residents of our city. Thank you for partnering with us by providing much needed resources to those in need. Your contribution gives us the opportunity to share the gospel with those who need to know Jesus loves and cares for them.


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