Summer Camp 2019 - Day 4

Camp Devotions

For Thursday at our Summer Camp, pause for a minute to place your focus on God. Teaching preschoolers is an important task. As Mission Friends teachers, we need to rely on God to direct us as we lead preschoolers to know of Him. Seek the Lord each day as you grow in knowing His Word and in prayer.


Pursuing God

Listen to this devotion from Joye Smith, WMU preschool consultant. After hearing the devotion, open your Bible to 1 Corinthians 15:58, and let God speak to you through this verse. Know that everything you do for God is worthwhile.


Prayer Journal

Today’s free downloadable is a Prayer Journal page  for you to use in your prayertimes. Save the page to your device, and print copies to make a prayer notebook. Use this to guide your prayers for your preschoolers and the missionaries featured in Mission Friends. As you surround your teaching and your Mission Friends group in prayer, may God bring blessings to you and the families of your Mission Friends.



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