PWPL Grant Guidelines

Pure Water, Pure Love Grant Guidelines

Applicants and Accountability

  • We look favorably on those who have matching funds and/or have other partners in assisting with the water projects.
  • We look favorably on applicants who are connected with a local Baptist association and/or church. Our experience has shown that those who are connected have greater ownership of the project as well as accountability.
  • In the review process we look for sustainability of the project. We require the recipient to provide an annual report of the project for three consecutive years. We require copies of receipts for the project. In addition, if all granted funds are not needed for the project, we require unused funds to be returned to us 20 days after the completion of the project


  • PWPL grant application must be completed and submitted prior to each meeting of the review committee which meets in January and June of each year. Applications will be due to WMU no later than October 15 for consideration in January and no later than April 15 for consideration in June of each year. Each application must be accompanied by at least two endorsements without which the application is incomplete.
  • Notification of application approval or denial will be handled by WMU staff and money disbursed according to current practice or not sooner than 30 days prior to the start of the water project.


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