The Great Commission

According to Barna research, 51 percent of churchgoers have never heard the term “the Great Commission.” Six percent are not sure if they have heard of it. Another 25 percent have heard of it, but they can’t recall the exact meaning. This leaves only 17 percent of churchgoers who have heard the term and know its meaning. How is that possible?

The Great Commission is our great mandate. It is at the center of all we teach, promote, and do. We are committed to making disciples of Jesus who live on mission. At WMU, we live out the Great Commission by learning about missions. There are many good programs for preschoolers, children, youth, and adults, but we challenge the hearts of our people by telling the stories of Southern Baptist missionaries.

The Kernses (pictured here) are your missionaries serving in Utah. They were our featured missionaries a year ago. Staci Kerns mentioned she enjoys baking, so missions groups began sending her boxes of brownie and cake mixes. By the time the story was printed, the Kerns family had moved. Boxes began showing up at their old address. A former neighbor told Staci the new resident was upset with all the boxes. Staci went to meet him and collect the boxes.

In the course of the conversation, Staci discovered the man was a baker. She asked, “Surely you bake from scratch?” The man confessed he used mixes. Knowing what had to be in the parcels, she said, “Open one of the boxes.” The man did so and found cake mix after cake mix. Staci told him he could keep all the mixes. Now she has an open door to build relationships and share Christ in one of the toughest fields in North America because missions groups sent boxes of cake mix.

We believe in the Great Commission. Through WMU, we support missions, pray for missions, do missions and tell the stories of our Southern Baptist missionaries. No one church can do alone what many can do together. Our voluntary cooperation strengthens and extends the missions reach of the local church. It is our joy and privilege to partner with churches to make disciples of Jesus who live each and every day on mission for His kingdom.


Stir our hearts for Your Great Commission. May we have a passion for taking the gospel to the lost. Free us from distractions. Give us the energy and resolve to work together to declare Your glory to the nations.

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