WMU Trips: Brittany's Story

More Than Just a Week: Brittany’s Story
Emily Killen

In May 2015, Brittany Hall found herself in New York City with a group of 30 other women participating in the myMISSIONSM national trip through WMU®. Just a few weeks before, Brittany had never even heard of WMU. Although she was seeking missions opportunities, she had never imagined herself serving as a missionary in the states, much less NYC. However, during her time on the myMISSION trip, it became evident to Brittany that the Lord had other plans.

God grew Brittany’s heart for the people of NYC as she worked with Urban Nations Outreach, a ministry that serves the international community through free English as a Second Language classes, children’s programs, and much more. She worked at both a women’s event and an ESL graduation, which provided unique opportunities for special attention and relationship building among Southeast Asians living in NYC. Although Brittany was only there for a few days, she had a feeling on the flight home that this would not be her last time in the city. Brittany explained, “There are times when you get home from missions trips and the feeling goes away, but I didn’t get over it.”

A few months after her myMISSION experience, Brittany raised support to go on staff with Urban Nations Outreach and moved from her home in Alabama to live in NYC. According to Brittany, her myMISSION trip experience was a huge factor in deciding to pursue ministry at Urban Nations Outreach. “It was important to see all of the needs in NYC as well as all of the ministries that are available,” Brittany said. WMU was able to give Brittany the community she needed while she explored different ministry options within the city. Her myMISSION experience also opened up her eyes to international missions opportunities available on our very own soil. “New York is home to over 180 countries, and we can impact so many more,” Brittany explained. “Through myMISSION, I was able to see the impact that the ministries in the United States have on numerous countries and people groups right here. We need to be faithful to share with the people who have come to us.”

Now on staff with Urban Nations Outreach, Brittany teaches ESL, leads a club for children as a part of the children’s outreach ministry, and leads short-term teams that come to serve. She also serves at their newest church plant through the North American Mission Board, Jackson Heights Community Church. Even though Brittany is serving stateside, she regularly works with people who are hearing about Jesus for the very first time. Whether stateside or internationally, believers have the privilege of sharing the gospel. Brittany said, “As a believer, it’s not our option; it’s our responsibility. We are called to be disciple makers, not asking if God calls us, but where.”

Through a short-term myMISSION trip to NYC, God changed Brittany’s life when He called her to full-time ministry with Urban Nations Outreach. So many incredible opportunities are available right here in our country to reach internationals and share the gospel. Not sure where to get started? Visit wmu.com/myMISSION for more information.


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