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September 2017 Extra Options


September Bible Study: Building Faith through Bible Study

Understanding the Bible is important to developing our faith and growing in Christ. Guide your Acteens to research and collect some tools and tips for effective Bible study.

Talk with your Acteens about ways we can develop our faith in Christ. Talk about the importance of incorporating prayer, Bible study, and other spiritual disciplines into our everyday lives.

Divide your Acteens into 3 teams. Guide the teams to research online how to study the Bible, Bible study tips, and/or why we should study the Bible.

Have each team summarize what they find and share the information with the rest of the group. Discuss the information each group presents. Talk about how it changes the way girls think about studying the Bible or how it reinforces something they have heard in the past.

Work together to make a list of Bible study tips that are helpful for your group. Include tips or ideas for how to read and understand the Bible as well as the way we should approach Bible learning.

Check the list as a group and decide if any tips can be combined or reworded for clarity. Have a volunteer type the list and send it electronically to everyone in the group or post it on social media. Challenge Acteens to choose one tip and use it this week. Follow up with girls and continue challenging them to make Bible study part of their daily habits.


September Spiritual Growth: How Does Prayer Work?

Help Acteens understand how prayer can be misused and how to pray in a way that pleases God.

Guide your Acteens to visit and read some of the messages posted there. These are 160 character “prayers” to God sent by individuals from a variety of places. Some seem real, others are unrealistic, self-focused, even frightening. Talk about the website and some of the prayers you read there with your group. What does true prayer really look like?

Look up John 14:13–14. Talk about how people could misuse this verse to think they can get anything they want from God.

Look up James 4:1–4. Discuss what it means to ask with wrong motives. How does greed affect our prayer life according to James?

Look up James 5:16. Ask: What makes a prayer “powerful and effective”? What is righteousness? We know that righteousness only comes by faith in Jesus Christ. For our prayers to be powerful and effective, we must be in a relationship with God and pray in Jesus’ name. Praying in the name of Jesus is not a magic formula. It means we are praying for things that line up with God’s will for our lives and for the world.

Guide your Acteens to research prayer and prayer resources online. Check out prayer resources on the NAMB and IMB websites. and  Look for examples of prayers in the Bible that help us know how to pray in a way that pleases God.

Have Acteens set up an online prayer wall for your group. This could be on social media, a blog or website, or even a shared online Google Doc or other shared document. Include Scriptures you have discussed on the wall and have a place where your girls can list things they are praying about. Encourage girls to pray for each other throughout the week.


September Missions Focus: Quick Links

Send Salt Lake City: This Is My City Video

Comparison Chart: Mormonism and Christianity

Mormonism: A Biblical Response to Its History and Beliefs


September Missions Focus: Salt Lake City Church Plants

Guide Acteens to explore NAMB’s church plant map of Salt Lake City and learn more about church planting in the area. You will also have the opportunity to promote awareness of this missions field in your church.

Click here for information about Send Salt Lake City and the church plant map.

Have Acteens explore the Salt Lake City Church Plant Map individually or in teams. Girls can click on the map pins to see details about current and potential church plants. Ask: How many potential church plants are still in need of a church planter? How many current church plants are there?

Have Acteens visit any church web pages that are included in the information. You will also find links to church planter profiles for each current church plant in the area. Assign one or more profiles to each of your Acteens. Have each Acteen summarize the profile for the rest of the group.

Consider setting up a display in your church with information about the needs in Utah, church plants, and the missionaries who serve there. Let your Acteens be creative as they share information about this missions field with the rest of your church family.

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