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November 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


November Bible Study: Baptist Global Response to Refugee Crisis

Check out some stories available on the Baptist Global Response website to see how Southern Baptists are helping refugees.

First off, learn some general stats about refugees and information about refugee resettlement.

Next, head on over to Baptist Global Response for refugee stories and Southern Baptists can and do work through BGR to “ease the suffering, lessen the pain and send comfort to those who have lost so much.” And learn ways to pray for humanitarian crises in various regions of our world here and here.

Read a story that relates to refugees. Discuss the situation that they might be facing and how it impacts their future. Focus on how Southern Baptist churches and individuals are meeting the needs of refugees.

You can allow Acteens to research individually and present their findings to the group. Or you can research together and focus on one particular people group related to a specific crisis or country of origin, asylum, or resettlement.


November Spiritual Growth: Blessing Display

Create a blessing display using festive harvest decorations. Set up some baskets or crates to hold decorative paper and pens. Make a sign that invites church members to participate by reflecting on the blessings in their lives. Encourage participants to write down their blessings and add them to the basket.

Set a date with your Acteens to read through all the blessings that were written down. They can pray with gratitude for the blessings being experienced throughout the church family.

Then guide the girls to create a virtual display with all the blessings. Make a video with voiceovers reading some of them. Then share the video over social media or through your church’s website or email list.


November Missions Focus: Quick Links


Welcome to Clarkston: 


Delicious Clarkston:


Meet Lorna Bius:


Clarkston International Bible Church:


Refugees Welcome:



November Missions Focus: Clarkston Refugee Ministries

Explore the partner ministries of the Clarkston International Bible Church here.


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