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January 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


January Bible Study: Decision Making

Ask girls to tell how they make choices. Do any of them have a model to help them evaluate options? Point out that we have mostly looked at either/or choices—choose God or choose self. But sometimes choices have more options. For example, during spring break a girl might have the choice of going on a missions trip, going to Disneyland with her family, or studying an intense mini-course. Or a girl might be faced with a choice of how to spend her money—save it to help someone in need or to give to a cause that’s important to her, get a great new outfit, or plan a special night out with friends.

The Internet offers a variety of models to help teenagers make decisions. Here is one: Six Steps to Decision Making/Problem Solving

Lead girls to work together or in small groups to create a situation and use these steps to help make a decision.

Point out that these steps do not include insight from prayer or from the Bible. Lead girls to add those elements to a decision-making model.


January Spiritual Growth: Decision Tree

A decision tree is an online tool to help people make choices. It helps the user think of all possible outcomes or results. Look at examples. Find a free online app you like. Print a sample to show your girls. Lead them to try the app in a simple decision they need to make.

Consider these websites:

Decision Trees 

Easy Decision Tree Diagrams 


January Missions Focus: Quick Links

NAMB: Send Network 

Connect Church of Algiers 

Connect Church of Algiers on Facebook 



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