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May 2019 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra options for this month in Acteens.


May Missions Focus: Where’s Your Heart?

It’s one thing to recognize your passion but it’s another to do something about it! Girls will research a specific thing they love and how others are using it to make the world a better place and share the gospel.

Ask girls to peruse blogs, websites, and social media pages for different ministries and organizations pertaining to the things they’re particularly interested in. This may be a local community garden, a pregnancy resource center, ministry to refugees and immigrants, a homeless shelter, or a million other things.

If you find that you have multiple girls researching the same topic, this would be a great missions opportunity for your group to explore in the future. But, more likely, you will have quite a few different activities represented! One girl may love horses and therefore research equine therapy while another may love to swim and learn about free swim lessons for those who can’t afford to pay. Another may love animals and research different animal shelters or advocacy programs while another is really passionate about children and learns about after-school programs in low income areas.

The sky really is the limit. But the goal of this exercise is to narrow down where some of their passions may lie. As they get older, this may even help them make decisions on how to spend their summers, where to go to college, and even which major to choose. But it starts right here as they have the opportunity to research what is available in their areas of interest. Do some research of your own and ask around if you’re unfamiliar with specific opportunities to get involved in a particular area or two.

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