Well Project - North Africa

Freeing Villagers in North Africa

In a certain village in North Africa, an estimated 600 residents live on less than $1 a day and without easy access to clean water. The people must travel over 3 miles by donkey or foot to get to the closest water spring—one that is drying up quickly. Families must make this approximately 3-mile journey twice a day to barely quench their thirst. Some families who do not have a donkey or the health to walk to get water must drink from impure river water, which leads to disease.

Not only does this village not have access to clean water but it also has not had access to the gospel. There has been little gospel proclamation in the area and, therefore, no known believers. Yet, the people are thirsty, not just for water but also for hope.

For the past six years, Tim* and his family have worked to provide clean drinking water in North Africa. He has aided several other villages in digging wells but has more recently started reaching out to this very impoverished village. In 2012, he helped the village receive funding to build a well, water tower, and electric pumps and pipes. He empowered the village to take initiative in caring for their community and encouraged them to raise part of the money from their own population for the well project.

In March 2013, Pure Water, Pure Love helped Tim and the villages complete the well project by purchasing a generator which would provide the electricity to power the water pump. Tim said that this generator was “the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle which will transform their lives.”

Tim continues to minister to the villagers as he teaches them how to care for their new water system. The gratitude of the villagers is indescribable. Instead of walking to get water, children are now able to attend school, and men are able to spend more time working the fields. Women now are able to take care of their home instead of traveling hours to and from the spring. When WMU® women from Georgia went to visit the well project, they said the villagers “can’t stop smiling.”

The gratitude of the villagers for the well has resulted in gospel opportunities. Tim is able to share about the source of joy found in how Christ walked a difficult road to the cross. Just as these villagers were set free from the burden of carrying their water jugs, Christ sets them free from the burden of sin and shame.

Pure Water, Pure Love’s well ministry enables its partners to serve people who have never before heard the gospel by meeting their physical needs. This village was only able to receive this generator through the donations of churches and Christian organizations to PWPL. Through each small donation, the gospel sets people free from the burden of sin.

*name changed

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