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For many people in the world, walking miles while carrying heavy jugs of water in order to make sure they have clean water is a daily reality. Many missionaries constantly run the risk of contracting a disease or parasite from the water in the countries they are in. This is where Pure Water, Pure Love takes action.

The primary goal of PWPL is to provide missionaries with water filters and the people they serve with wells that offer clean water, free from disease-causing microorganisms. With the help of hundreds of churches, PWPL provides thousands of water filters to missionary families and helps fund clean water projects.


In 2016 alone:

  • 2,052 water filters and filter replacement parts were provided for missionaries and mission teams
  • $21,000 from 2 grants helped meet water needs in Indonesia and Haiti by providing water filters for families


Since 2005, $633,001 has been granted water and well projects all over the world!

You can help! Learn ways you and your church community can be involved through prayer, hosting events, and reading real life-changing stories.

How much do you know about the water crisis?

Did you know...

  • 663 million people lack access to clean water, that is 1 in 10?
  • Women and girls in many countries spend 6 hours a day gathering water.
  • 1/3 of the schools in the world do not have clean water access?
  • Did you know that 1 in every 3 people lacks access to a toilet?
  • Did you know that there are more people who own a cell phone than there are people with a toilet? 

*Learn more about water facts from water.org.

Support Pure Water, Pure Love

Donations to Pure Water, Pure Love are tax-deductible. You can make a personal gift, collect money from your church, your friends, or your family. Send checks made payable to WMU, clearly marked for Pure Water, Pure Love, to:

c/o WMU
P. O. Box 830010
Birmingham, AL 35283-0010

Get Involved./Host an event

Enable your group to spread awareness of the water crisis.They can make a difference!

PWPL Project Ideas
Encourage participants to make a difference through PWPL with these fun project ideas.

Water Bottle Labels (Labels Compatible with Avery labels)
"Because everyone deserves clean water." Print these labels and attach to water bottles. These are great to hand out at events or group meeting. 

Life-changing stories made possible through PWPL

Stay up-to-date with where and how your donations are helping communities around the world.

Well Projects
Your donations not only provide clean water to those in need, but give the opportunity to share the gospel to non-believers. Read real-life stories from missionaries and organizations making an impact on the lives and well-being of people around the world. 

Apply for PWPL Grant

Are you and/or your church community interested in applying for a PWPL water project grant that delivers clean water to communities around the world? Find the information you need below.

PWPL Grant Application

Still have questions about Pure Water, Pure Love? Find answers with these FAQs.


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