A Church on Mission

Our church held a missions conference this past October. We hosted several missionaries from our state and nation and around the world. Church members were able to interact with missionaries on a more personal level.

The goal of this conference was to encourage church members to commit to a new level of missions involvement.

For some, that meant they would start praying for missions. Others were challenged to give to missions. Still others committed to support those who wanted to go on missions trips. And many committed to actually go on a missions trip.

The most exciting result of the conference was the 3 members who dedicated their lives to full-time Christian service.

Because of this conference, our church has developed a greater vision for reaching the lost. Many more are now involved in missions and are doing their part to spread the gospel message.

Jennifer Booth writes from her home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Connect with her on her blog at JenniferBooth.com.

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