Jesus and Jack

In late Winter, with great trepidation, I make my annual trek to a local accounting office to file my tax return. However, I know I will also spend an extra hour listening to my exuberant accountant share about his most recent mission adventures.

Jack Roach is a respected local CPA. But anyone who knows him has no doubt that his considerable energy and strongest passion is directed toward sharing the love of Jesus through ministry. Besides local work in jail ministry, Jack’s lay-led mission projects take teams of volunteers into risky corners of our globe to share the gospel, provide practical service, and encourage believers.

I know, besides my tax results, I will be inspired by how Jack perseveres in prayer for a young Muslim girl who calls him “father.” His burden and the giving of others enabled her to receive medical treatment. We join Jack in longing for the day she embraces the Light of the World and comes to know the “Everlasting Father” through the salvation of her soul.

Like Jack, many of us wait for the fruit of months and years of praying for our loved ones or those for whom God has burdened our hearts. Delayed answers to those prayers may discourage us, but role models like Jack can remind us to persevere. When I leave his office, I have been reminded by both Jack and Jesus that we must “always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1 NIV). 


Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress is working on perseverance as a pray-er, caregiver, and Christ follower. Connect at






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